Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – The Prequel We Deserve


This is the prequel we deserve. Rogue One – A Star Wars Story lifts the mythos and story first introduced to us in A New Hope to a whole new level. It creates more depth for the road ahead chronologically and even helps close a few plot holes in the original trilogy. On top of that, we take this ride with a set of great characters who all stand on there own in this massively expanding universe.

Rogue One is the story of how the rebels obtain the plans for the Death Star that they already have in A New Hope. By having this knowledge, you’d think it would make Rogue One anti-climatic or difficult to care for the story if we already know the results, but we don’t know how those results came to be. With great defining character moments, we quickly connect with the characters and their journey, and not necessarily the story itself. This is not a confession that they slacked on the story, quite the opposite. The stress of knowing your whole audience already knows the end result of the movie had them running on high gears to give us an adventure worthy to be on the line-up of the classic trilogy.

Edwards and co. also found great ways to give us connective tissue and easter eggs to the larger Star Wars universe. We get some eggs that connect some animated shows to the movies, outside of Saw Gerrara, and some characters from the classic trilogy get to make some appearances; like Darth Vader. All I will say is holy shit do they return him to horrifying villain glory and wipe the stain of “NNOOOO!!!!” out of our mouths. I can’t wait for the blu-ray release just to watch his scene’s on repeat outside of the many repeated viewings of the whole movie.

The flaws are kind of funny, in that I find very few, if any, flaws in the aspect of moving making itself. The flaws of Rogue One are more with breaking Star Wars tradition, like no crawl. While I didn’t really mind the cold open, it definitely would’ve help better set a Star Wars mood. This is also the first Star Wars movie to not be scored by John Williams. Michael Giacchino stepped up to the plate with only 4 weeks to score the movie after Alexandre Desplat initially took the gig and stepped away. Giacchino does a fine job, and I would love for him to get another chance, but this score does not really ring Star Wars. This is the hardest part, because there is definitely a tone for Star Wars, but beyond that, how do you describe it, and is it exactly the same for every person? Again, these are nit picks and don’t speak against the movie. It’s just my fandom noticing the breaking of traditions and trying to adjust.

If you have not seen Rogue One – A Star Wars story, you either aren’t a fan (and if you aren’t, why are you reading this) or have been busy. Any other reason is not good enough and you need to go see this movie now. Rogue One is really a stellar movie that recreates the magic that is Star Wars and changes the tone of the original trilogy. Go now.

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