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This is a movie I’ve wanted since I was a kid. Between Grant Morrison’s run on JLA and what Bruce Timm did for DC Animation on TV in the 90’s and early 2000’s, I was hooked into the mythos of DC’s Heroes and also them on a united front in Justice League. After the great impact Batman v Superman had on the world; my hopes of seeing the heroes I grew up with on the big screen simply died.

WB, to their credit, has been trying to hint at changes coming in future movies. They have heard our dissatisfaction with the DC movies, and after seeing this trailer, I don’t think they were really listening. It doesn’t look as somber as BvS, but that was never a big issue. Batman is still using guns on the Batmobile, which is something a lot of fans couldn’t get past (and he was one of the better parts of that movie too). It really hurt me on a soul crushing level when he was shooting and killing in BvS, and something I was hoping they could course correct from. I’ll be honest though, because of the harsh burns I suffered from BvS, I’m pretty pessimistic right now towards DC movies. I’m really hoping Wonder Woman can change that with her movie in June.

The effects looks amazing, except for Cyborg who I’m hoping will get touched up more by release time. They really should’ve tried a baseline suit for the actor to wear made by the awesome people at WETA, or one of their competitors, and just touched it up (still heavily though considering Cyborg’s powers) which I think would’ve help blended him better with the real world around him. I’m excited to see Jason Momoa getting to play a character with a lighter side who’s still tougher than nails. Justice League is due out in theaters November 17, 2017.


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