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Justice League is a movie with good acting and fun to watch but still kind of falls short of being a really good movie. The cast does a great job with little to complain about in the acting department. There is plenty of action in the movie that you will find enjoyable. The story, character development and main antagonist fall a little short though.

On a positive note you get a good amount of Batfleck and it’s mostly very enjoyable. Ben Affleck still does a great job as both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Early in the movie you see him on a rooftop in Gotham stalking a criminal who seems to be robbing a building. They end up fighting and it is fun to watch though it goes in a slightly different direction for Batman as far as his fight scenes go from Batman v. Superman. He is a little more CG and flashy instead of the gritty brawler that can believably take down multiple assailants. You also see a little more of Gotham and it’s probably the best depiction of it yet. When you see it you don’t really see a city you see in most movies and it has this feel that just makes you think to yourself, this feels like Gotham.

Jason Mamoa did a great job playing Aquaman. I was pleasantly surprised not by his solid acting, but more that I was really enjoying seeing Aquaman on screen. He was fun to watch, portrayed well, and it just feels like someone was finally able to make Aquaman a cool character that was actually able to translate well onto any screen that wasn’t a cartoon, let alone a big screen movie. Watching Jason Mamoa play this role actually has me excited and wanting to see an Aquaman movie.

Gal Gadot, continues to please as Wonder Woman, if you liked her in Batman v. Superman and in the Wonder Woman movie, you are getting plenty more of that and won’t be disappointed.

Ezra Miller as the Flash did a good job. There can be complaints made about the Flash but that’s mostly adaptation issues and I still found the actor and character enjoyable. That being said I feel there was a lack of character development with the Flash and would like to have seen more of him on his own. He played a great support role in the team of superhero’s but I think it would have been cool if he did a little more, like punch someone twenty times while moving at high speed then getting out of the way of a counter punch. Speaking of moving fast, he looks amazing moving at high speeds. The flash running looks artistic and as if it came straight out of a comic book and portrayed perfectly on screen.

Ray Fisher playing Cyborg seemed like a perfect fit. Again no complaints on Actor or character itself. There was not much development with him and you were left wanting to see more of him. You’ll also wish you saw him actually get to fight a little more as well. He mostly has a supportive roll and is busy doing something else while fighting is going on.

Danny Elfman did the score of this movie and kept much of Hanz Zimmers work intact. However, Batman had a different theme. Many will recognize a hint of his 1989, Batman theme in there as well. At times this works very well when it is very subtle, however at certain times it is not very subtle and feels very out of place with the movie. For the most part though it is surprisingly good.

As many people know Zack Snyder directed this movie however due to personal issues he had to leave the production of the film. Joss Whedon continued the movie in his place finishing it up and doing many reshoots. This is a big place where the movie is noticeably taking a dive. Warner Brothers wanted a lighter tone with Justice League than in past DCEU movies and Zack Snyder was going to deliver that, then Joss Whedon clearly did it as well and the movie feels like the tone struggles between mild comic relief and Whedon comic relief. It just feels a bit messy. There were scenes where Batman particularly said things Batman wouldn’t say, and leaves you thinking, this is a Whedon scene. There were also many great scenes form the trailers that just didn’t make it to the movie.

The Story really is a little less engaging than I would have liked. Steppenwolf, the antagonist fell flat, a little cool, but flat. The characters needed a little more development and needed more time on screen. Steppenwolf was completely CG in the movie and that made him seem like less of a threat honestly. Even Superman at times seemed overly CG, as did Batman slightly in his opening scene. These things really bring the movie down for you.

The DCEU is having a serious clash between awesome and flat and it struggles to find a consistent tone. There are some awesome scenes in this movie including seeing more of the Amazons fighting on Themyscira that leave you in awe. You see some great DC Lore and even a couple Green Lanterns in a flashback that will have you gripping your seat in surprise and yearning for more of them. Then you have the epic clash of tone from Man of Steel to a slightly different tone in Batman v. Superman, to an even bigger difference in tone in Justice League. Warner Brothers can’t seem to make up their mind on what they want and its showing great inconsistency in the DCEU. On top of that there are still questions from Batman v. Superman that haven’t really been answered, such as Batman’s dream of the future with the Para demons, or the Flash contacting him through the Speed force. But, you can argue they have been slightly answered and just don’t hold as much weight because of changes in direction or if they just haven’t gotten around to it yet. The inconsistency in tone and change in direction is possibly leaving large plot holes in the universe.


All in all Justice League is not a bad movie but far from a great one. It is fun to watch with great acting and a good score. Plenty of good action to keep you visually satisfied but a little weak when it comes to the story and character development. The movie is a little messy due to reshoots, change in director, and Warner Brothers trying to change direction of the Universe. Still a movie worth seeing and you should have a decent time watching it.

7/10 STARS

Pretty Good

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