Snowpiercer – Under the Radar Review (Spoiler Free)

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Snowpiercer is a sci-fi action movie that takes place on a train that holds what could be the last survivors of the human race. It stars Chris Evans, John Hurt and Ed Harris as its heavy hitters. In the near future humans attempted to stop global warming using science and accidentally created a new ice age. The only people to survive were the ones that boarded a train called the Snowpiercer, which was originally designed as a luxury train that traveled the world. On the train there is a class system and the people in the tail end of the train are the lower class and are barely fed, have horrid living conditions and are unable to leave their section of the train. Until, they stage a rebellion and start fighting their way to the front of the train.

The plot is simple and it works very well. Our protagonists have to make it from car to car on the train from front to back and go through hordes of enemies. The action is almost nonstop and very fun. Though the movie is full of action it is never repetitive, there is always some new obstacle in front of our protagonists for example, a car full of men in ski masks waiting for them with axes and spears. The environment and plot of this movie are very different and refreshing to see, complimented with awesome, unique action sequences and great cinematography that makes it very visually pleasing.

On top of all the awesome action the characters are top notch as well. The characters are far from just a bunch of people beating the crap out of oppressors. Early in the movie you really do start to feel for these people. Two characters have their children taken away from them for unknown reasons and one of them is tortured in a very unique way for trying to fight to keep his son. Each character is their own with separate strengths they have that they bring to the table or just their reasons for going forward. The development is great with Chris Evans character Curtis, is struggling with the realization that he is becoming the leader of the group and battling making hard decisions that he realizes may cost him great sacrifice for a greater good, the never avoidable hard decisions a leader has to make. His character develops very well and shows great depth throughout the action ride.

What really tops this movie off from good to great is that fact that it does something other simple movies try at and fail. Often when a movie with a simple plot tries to reach higher to be more, it falls flat. Snowpiercer does not. It reaches to be a little more than an action bloodbath and succeeds. The plot thickens just enough for it to be more than just reason for an action movie. It has clever twists and turns that you do not see coming, but makes other scenes that had characters in the background doing things that may have seemed throw away, seem like much more. There is some awesome symbolism in the movie as well with certain characters. This movie works perfect for someone trying to turn their brain off just wanting to see some great action, but also serves well for great plot as well.


Snowpiercer is a simple but great action movie with a fresh unique setting. As much action as there is it never feels repetitive with the changing obstacles and unique fight scenes. The acting is solid leaving nothing to complain about and the characters are far from one dimensional with great depth and development. The movie itself is visually pleasing and just a fun ride with and a plot that surprisingly thickens, and clever twists and turns that will have you coming back for a re-watch.

10/10 STARS



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