The Disaster Artist Review (No Spoilers)

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The Disaster Artist is a mockumentary about the making of the cult classic movie The Room. It shows the odd story of a man named Tommy Wiseau and his friend Greg Sestero and their journey to make it big in Hollywood and to make their own movie titled, The Room. They end up making their movie and it ended up becoming a movie often known as the best worst movie ever. It stars James Franco as Tommy Wiseau and Dave Franco as Greg Sestero.

For those that do not know, Tommy Wiseau the creator, writer, and director of “The Room” is a very odd and eccentric person. He self-funded the creation of The Room which is estimated to have cost over six million dollars. To this date it is a mystery to his friends and everyone where he is from and where any of his money comes from. This movie started off somewhat slow but was interesting the whole time. You get to see that Tommy is clearly an odd character but his relationship being built with Greg did seem rushed and left me wanting to see more.

The plot of this movie is very good, even more so if you are aware of The Room and the controversy surrounding Tommy. The whole story is just interesting and you really feel as though you can’t get enough information about the odd way this movie was created and about its creator. Though, this movie is more than just a mockumentary. The Disaster Artist is a movie about people first and a drama/ comedy second. It rarely relies on re-created scenes of The Room just for fan service to give you laughs. Though it does mildly do this, it far from relies on it. The movie itself has a few good laughs in it and makes for decent comedy.

James Franco’s acting was absolutely incredible in this movie. He truly got into the character and was entertaining to watch the entire time. Dave Franco did a great job and leaves nothing to complain about. Though, it’s easy to be overshadowed when the lead has a larger than life personality.

This movie is worth seeing but it may not be for everyone. It would definitely behoove you to at least look into The Room, to get an understanding of the real characters it is influenced by. It seems like safe bet to say fans of the room will love this movie. People who have not seen it can definitely find it enjoyable but may not completely grasp the idea of the movie, if they don’t know of the large cult status of the movie and characters that inspired it.


This is a solid movie with excellent acting and fans of The Room will love it. James Franco is incredible as Tommy Wiseau. The movie is a great drama about people that does not need to use The Room to hold its own weight, though there is some fan service to the cult movie that inspired the Disaster Artist. Other than James Franco’s acting nothing really shines to hard in this movie, but it is an interesting story about an interesting guy and an interesting movie that will have you captivated and wanting to know more about Tommy and the creation of his movie.

8/10 STARS


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