Insidious the Last Key Review (No Spoilers)

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Insidious the Last Key, is the fourth installment in the Insidious series.  It stars Lin Shaye returning as Elise, Leigh Whannell as Specs, and Angus Sampson as Tucker.  The movie is another prequel, set before the first movie and after third installment.  It starts by introducing you a little bit more to Elises’ past and Elise receiving a call to help a man get rid of what could be haunting in his house.  However, upon retrieving the man’s address she realizes it is her childhood home.

This movie starts off fairly slow and doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere.  Though it did introduce us more to Elise’s past and did some okay character development and introduced plot points it still just felt bland.  After this though the movie does pick up and give us the Insidious we know and love.  The story is interesting and gives you the creeps the way the other Insidious movies does and still manages to give us the different kind of horror story that Insidious is known for.  

Insidious the Last Key does have some jump scares as well as some just creepy scares.  As over used as jump scares are in the horror genre today, Insidious manages to keep it fairly minimal and has them well placed.  It even manages to trick you at points where you know there is going to be a jump scare as they give you the common jump-scare set ups multiple times yet refuses to do it.  Then boom out of know where its in a spot you wouldn’t expect soon after you think you are going to see one.  I felt this was kind of clever and in a sense poked fun at the jump scare moments in movies and wanted to say we can still get you with a jump scare.  I found this oddly respectable from a movie.  The movie does still have its creepy feeling and goes into what Elise calls The Further, a dimension between ours and an afterlife for another interesting trip that we expect from this franchise.  

The story in this movie is as solid as the past movies.  This installment is on par with the past Insidious movies.  It continues to be a good horror movie that is interesting and a little different with the way it interacts with the supernatural with being able to travel to another dimension.  This installment managed to still feel fresh with being true to the series but also giving us some more back story on Elise, and introducing us to a couple new likable characters.  It also has a twist or two you probably won’t see coming and they were very much enjoyable.   It also manages to have a very touching moment similar to what was done in the previous movie, and was still great.  Though it does leave some questions to be asked and some things possibly confusing to the audience it is still a good movie.  


The Skin and Bones

Insidious the Last Key is right on par with past Insidious movies.  Fans of the others in the series will enjoy this one.  It has a good story and a couple good twists.  It has a balance between creepy scary and Jump scary.  The beginning does seem a little slow and bland but it doesn’t hold the rest of the movie back.  Insidious continues to be not your average horror movie.


Good Movie

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